Seresto Cat Collar Reviews: The Guide You Need To Know

Seresto cat collar

Updated on May 25, 2020

Are you looking for a flea and tick collar for your cat? This article gives an in-depth look at the Seresto Flea and Tick Cat Collar, one of the best non-topical or oral prevention methods for cats. We also list factors to look for when deciding which flea and tick collar to use, and which collars may be best for your pet as well as how to use a flea and tick collar.

seresto cat collar

Seresto cat collar from Bayer is the #1 selling collar and recommended flea and tick collar for cats.  The Seresto cat collar will last about 8 months and becomes activated when placed on the cat's fur. Fleas are killed within 24 hours while ticks die within 48 hours of the collar being in-contact with your pet's skin/fur. Seresto collars have a sustained release technology that keeps the flea/tick repellent in the cat's system for about 8 months.



Fleas and ticks can be harmful to your pet and their skin. Dermatitis and other skin allergies can arise from bites from these mites. Fleas have the ability to transmit tapeworms and ticks can transmit diseases such as Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever, among other disease specific to individual tick species. Providing a flea/tick medication such as the Seresto collar can dramatically lower the chances of your cat becoming infected.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Flea Collar for Your Cat


You will find various types of flea cat collars to select from, each according to ingredients. These can include:

  • Biological - natural flea collar made from with herbs and essential oils. It can be safer for both felines and owners and the environment. This may not work on all animals, but is a home remedy and environment friendly option.
  • Insecticidal  - includes pesticides that kill any type of ticks and fleas.
  • Ultrasonic - makes use of ultrasound waves to make repel mites. This can be a costly option and may not be effective for all animals.

2. Construction and Design

Generally, flea cat collars are plastic-designed and are infused with ingredients. It is important to make sure the collar is comfortable suited to your cat's neck.

3. Size

Ensure that you choose a collar with the right size according to your feline. A rule of thumb is if two fingers can be placed between the collar and the cat's neck, there is sufficient room.

4. Performance and Ease of Use

Confirm with your licensed veterinarian that your cat is old enough (older than 12 weeks is usually the standard age) to wear a flea/tick collar. Check your cat often to make sure the collar is fitting correctly and not harming your pet in any way. These collars are usually comfortable to pets and resemble a regular collar pet's often wear.

5. Adjustability

The best collar must be easy to adjust. Some manufacturers offer one-size-fits-all solutions, while others offer multiple sizes. Adjustability is crucial since all cats are not the same in size.

6. Water Resistance

Seresto collars are water resistant, not water proof. They repel water, but may be ruined if submerged in liquids. Other collars will most likely be the same unless stated otherwise. Before bathing your pet, the collar should be removed.

7. Safety Features

Some collars off "easy slip off" features. This can be beneficial to outside pets. Always read the ingredient list before placing on your pet. If you know your cat is allergic to any of the ingredients, the collar should not be used. Always monitor and check your pet's skin and fur when using this collar to ensure no allergies or conditions have developed.

8. Duration of Use

Keep track of duration of use of the collar chosen. Follow instructions of collar to ensure the safety of your pet. Some collars depending on ingredients last longer than others.

9. Cost

A major factor to consider when deciding how much to pay for each collar includes length of use. Quality, and brand reputation may also sway your decision as well.

Features of Seresto Cat Collars

What makes the Seresto cat collar a great accessory for your feline's health?

Repel and kill

The Sereto cat collar is designed to kill fleas within 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours of use. The collars are infused with flea and tick fighting ingredients that slowly release into their fur and skin over time.

Long-term protection

This is a great product due to the long length of use. This product can supply your pet flea and tick protection for almost a year which is highly competitive with other similar brands.

Water Resistance 

One brilliant feature of this collar is being water resistant. The infused collar is water repellent, but if fully submerged in liquid the product may be ruined.

Recommended by many vets, the Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar is one of the best flea and tick prevention methods due to its simplicity of use, performance, and competitive price point for duration of use. This product is scent free which is another competitive advantage this product has over others. The Seresto collar has proven to be safe and is non-toxic to your pet's skin. A breakaway feature is also included for extra safety making this product great for outdoor pets.


These collars can be found for around $60. For the length of use, this product is quite cost-friendly. For about $7.50/ month, your pet can be protected.  It is also not made for cat's with severe allergies or sensitive skin. If used incorrectly, this collar can cause wearing on the fur around the neck. Always monitor your cat and their skin when using this product.


  • Very effective in killing and protecting felines from ticks and fleas
  • Vet-recommended
  • Non-greasy, odorless, water resistant
  • Little to no proven side effects on most pets
  • Ease of use, comfortable for most cats
  • Healthier option compared to oral or topical methods
  • Lasts for 8 months


  • Can be costly, ~$60 up front cost
  • Might not be as effective for cats with serious allergies
  • Can result in hair loss on the cat's collar region if used incorrectly

Seresto Cat Collar Warnings

Always monitor your pet while using this product. If irritation, hair loss or other allergic reaction symptoms occur remove the collar immediately and discontinue use. If your pet is showing abnormal signs or symptoms when using this product, consult your veterinarian.

How to Use Seresto Cat Collar?

orange cat

This collar is very easy to apply and use allowing for little to no effort once placed on your cat.

How to apply the collar

  1. Remove the collar from packaging. Throw out any unnecessary and unwanted plastic connectors from the interior of the product.
  2. Place it around the neck of your cat. Attach the loose end through the buckle without making it tighter.
  3. Make sure the collar enables your two fingers to insert between the neck of your cat and the collar itself - all without letting your feline's leg or head slip out through the collar.
  4. Remove any unnecessary or extra collar length that hangs over. As possible, leave only about one inch above the closest securing loop.
  5. On the overlapping collar part, uniformly space and stick to the optional reflector clips to the flea collar.


As a pet owner, it is our responsibility to ensure our cat's receive a healthy diet and are free from fleas and ticks. Having  the best remedy for a flea and tick cat collar is necessary and essential to rid your pet of harmful ectoparasites.

Seresto Flea and Tick Cat Collars can be purchased from your veterinarian or online using the link above!

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