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If you plan to buy the best self-cleaning litter box, then you need throughout this post. This article is your guide to come up with the best product that will meet both your feline and your needs. Continue reading and find out more!

Buying the best self-cleaning litter box for your kitten or cat is considered as an essential step regarding encouraging enough litter box use. If you can find the right product, it will also be a great help on how to influence the cat with regards to using the box correctly.

So, with that in mind, being guided with the right information about the item along with some top options to choose from, shopping for a self-cleaning litter box might be a lot easier and faster! So, let's get it started!

Take a quick glance at the best options out in the market today.


How Self-Cleaning Litter Box Works?

best automatic litter boxA self-cleaning litter box makes the cleanup of the urine and stool of the cat a lot easier. Simply said, it is somewhat an ordinary box but with a built-in mechanism for scooping and separating the excreta of the feline. And this mechanism could either be manual or automatic.

So, how does a self-cleaning litter box works? Well, the process is simple. First, the cat urines or defecates. They will do such in the contraption referred as the litter box.

Next, based on the kind of the best litter box that you have, the wastes of the cats clump together into balls making it easier to remove or scoop. And now, the wastes are being separated from the clean litter wherein the segregated wastes are disposed of appropriately.

Automatic vs. Manual

Now, two basic types of self-cleaning litter boxes include the manual and the automatic ones. Which one will you choose?

  • The automatic litter box type requires little effort on your part. You only need to maintain the machine and check it whether it's working correctly. There might be a need of switching out the waste-collecting cartridges, or you should clean the shifting mechanism too.
  • And the second one is the manual litter box wherein it would require you with a bit more of a hands-off approach. This type doesn't operate alone, and rather there is a need for you to initiate the cleaning by yourself.

Aside from the level of automation, the main difference between these two is that the automatic ones need a battery or electrical power and even water hookups in some cases while the manual ones definitely do not.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Of course, there are numbers of advantages as well as disadvantages with regards to the use of self-cleaning litter box. These include the following:


  • Increased hygiene is guaranteed if you are to use this kind of litter box.
  • The waste of the pet is cleaned timely so reducing the chance of the pet tracking feces within your place.
  • The foul odor which accompanies the waste of the pet is lessened or blocked.
  • Self-cleaning litter box last longer so you can save more money as well.


  • Some options need to be plugged in or use batteries.
  • Some litter boxes would still require the use of water to self-clean so you might need a connection to the running water making it hard to place within your house
  • Some boxes could be oddly shaped or bulky making it hard to find the right space to put them.

How to Pick The Right Product?

The same with other products like a flea shampoo for your cat, there could be vast numbers of things that you should look for when it comes to choosing the best self-cleaning litter box. To give you some, consider the following:

Numbers of Cats

Some of the litter boxes are a lot better for a household having only a single cat, but others could be more useful once you have many cats.

Norwegian, Siberian and persian cat in a row

Ease of Use

There are self-cleaning litter boxes that are simpler to use than the others. You have to make sure to choose the one which is comfortable both for you and for the cat.


Sizes of litter boxes vary from one to another or others might have more oddly shaped. Once you are in a small house or apartment, the shape or the size of the litter box should match your place. There is a need for the best self-cleaning litter boxes for large cats or smaller ones too.


Since hygiene is considered as the significant benefit when using a self-cleaning litter box, you have to make sure that you pick the which fits hygienic needs.


It is also important to consider how easy it is to clean and maintain the litter box. Some boxes must be cleaned or must be changed more frequently.

How to Train Cats to Use the Litter Box?

It will be useless if you'll purchase a self-cleaning litter box yet your cat doesn't know how to use it. With that, there is a need for you to train your cat on how to use the litter box.

Some tips that might help you include the following:

1. You should understand the unique routine of your feline.

Establish the elimination routine of the cat. Most cats want to defecate after a meal and others might do that after a nap.

So, you need to know when the feline is going to relieve itself so you can easily redirect the cat towards the self-cleaning litter box. Though some cats take it long to go without pooping, being patient about the routine is needed.

2. There is a need for you to be there when its already the right time.

After establishing the pattern or routine, it will be easier to supervise the cat. Don't scoop the cat straight to the box but introduce the device to your feline until it becomes accustomed to it.

3. Teach the cats on what to do.

First, cats need to learn how to get inside the box. Second, they need to learn how to dig in the litter and finally, they need to understand they should also bury their excreta. Though it might be a bit complicated, it is best that you supervise the cats once they are in the litter box. These are the things that you should consider in order to train your cat on how they should properly use the self-cleaning litter box.

Reviews of the Best Self-Cleaning Litter Box

And for the reviews of the best products that you can choose from, continue reading below:

Modkat Litter Box: Best Product for Any Cat Littering Needs

The reason why Modkat Litter Box landed on our top list is that it can be your all-in-one solution - an easy-open swivel lid, reusable tarp liner for painless litter removal, a full height seamless base to avoid leaks, and big hanging litter scoop.

Modkat is perfectly designed to be top entry. It prevents litter tracking to keep your home from rubbishes coming from the product itself, plus the high walls help trap nasty smells or odors.

However, it is a bit pricey, and it may still necessitate you to scoop the poop of your feline.


+ Can fit any modern home interiors
+ Easy to clean
+ Prevents litter tracking with the top entry design
+ Keep nasty smells or odors from filling the room
+ Long-lasting reusable liners


- A bit expensive
- It still requires you to scoop the cat's poop

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box: Best Product for the Budget

For those dealing with a tighter pet care budget or lower income solution, the Self-Cleaning Litter Box from Omega Paw is such a great alternative! It is easy to use, practical, and affordable litter box that eliminates the needs to come in contact with dirty cat litter recurrently.

The room inside is plentiful - mostly ideal for multiple cats or larger cats.

The downsides, however, of owning an Omega Paw is that it still needs manual action from you since it is not truly automatic, plus it needs sufficient space to be rolled on its side.


+ Relatively easy to use and assemble
+ Affordable and very effective
+ Doesn't need batteries or electricity to operate
+ Controls dust efficiently
+ Good for large cats or multiple cat households


- Requires enough space for the product to roll on its side
- Not really automatic, still needs manual action from the owners

Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Roll 'n Clean Litter Box: Best Product for Busy Pet Owners

A reasonably priced and great option especially for pet owners with tight schedules, let the Omega Paw Roll do the job on your behalf!

This unit will clean your feline's urine and feces in just a few minutes without the scooping task. You don't necessarily need electricity or expensive filters only to operate it.

Both big cats and multiple cat households can use the litter box. Though when not cleaned on a regular basis, the Omega Paw Roll might start to emit smell, and the litter clumps might get stuck.


+ Easy to clean
+ Affordable price
+ No hands contact with the urine or feces of your cat
+ No motors, plug/batteries, or special plastic containers needed to operate the unit
+ Ideal for busy people


- Might start to stink if not cleaned often
- Litter clumps could get stuck on the grate or below the drawer

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box: Best Product for the Hygiene

Completely self-cleaning, self-drying, and self-sanitizing - talking about hygiene!

This bowl-shaped product makes use of dust-free washable granules instead of cat litter to help you save more money and time. You can easily program the CatGenie cleaning schedules through the straightforward display, allowing you to time the automatic cleaning any time of the night or day.

The downside is, that the cleaning cycle may take a bit of your time.


+ Safe, premium quality, and long-lasting materials
+ Eco-friendly
+ Scoops, flushes, and dries up itself easily
+ Works like a real toilet bowl
+ Ideal for multiple cats


- Expensive
- The cleaning cycle can take too long
- Some design issues

PetSafe ScoopFree Original Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box: Best Product for Effectiveness

Another best self-cleaning litter box on the list, the PetSafe ScoopFree offers a unique way of painless cat waste management that runs for weeks on end.

The unit comes with disposable litter trays, a fully adjustable timer, integrated sensors, and an automated rake system to allow hassle-free operation. A privacy hood is even included to help felines feel more safe and confident throughout their defecation.

PetSafe ScoopFree has a share of disadvantages, too. First of all, it's quite expensive so it may not attract all pet owners. Also, the litter crystals themselves can produce a noticeable smell on their own. Petsafe self-cleaning litter box reviews will help you be enlightened which option is the best.


+ Convenient, easy to use and clean
+ Extremely hygienic cleanup
+ Incredible odor control mechanisms
+ Less mess
+ Leak protection
+ Great for kittens and adult cats


- Quite pricey
- The litter crystals themselves can emit their own smell

Final Verdict 

Cleaning up after your cat, scooping up the mess and refilling the litter box doesn't have to be a tiring work anymore - thanks to these best self-cleaning litter boxes!

Though all of these products can justify your hard earned investment, I'd go for Modkat Litter Box especially when we're talking about excellent, innovative features of a self-cleaning litter box.

From top entry design to lid swivel design to reusable liner, you will surely be happy getting one for your beloved feline.



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