How To Keep Cats Out Of A Room

How To Keep Cats Out Of A Room

Updated on June 8,2020

We know that cats can be extremely mischievous. Sometimes it seems like our cats like to center their chaos in a certain room, leading us to scramble for a way to keep them away from temptation! In this article we’ll dive into some of the most common reasons cat wonders have to block off rooms from their cats, and some safe ways you can make a room off limits to your furry friend.

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Why would you want to keep a cat out of a room?

Just in case you are curious as to why someone would need to keep their cat out of a room, let’s list some of the most common reasons as to why some rooms are off limits to cats.

  • You have fragile decorations or items in the room
  • Your cat keeps knocking things over or damaging items in the room
  • Your cat has accidents in this room
  • The room is being re-done or is under construction
  • You want to keep all animals and pet hair out of the room
  • Trying to keep your cat out of a child’s room
  • You have potentially toxic plants in the room
  • You just want a no pet zone

While these are just a few of the most common reasons as to why cat owners want to block off a certain area from their cat, sometimes a cat free zone is necessary when it comes to a particular room. 

So how do you keep a cat out of a room?

Keeping a cat out of a room can be extremely tricky, so let’s dive into multiple options when it comes to your at home barricade for your furry friends. 

Shut The Door To The Room

While this may seem obvious, we just have to mention it! Cats are not quick to listen to our demands, meaning sometimes our only option is to shut the door when it comes to keeping them out of an area. If you end up having to shut your feline companion out of a room, don’t feel bad! Try your best to make sure your cat has plenty of entertainment and cozy areas outside of the closed off room, and your cat will be just fine!

Install A Gate Or Barrier

One of the easiest ways to keep your feline companion out of a room is by installing a gate or barrier. You can use a baby gate, a pet gate, or any other barrier that can block off a room and keep your cat on the other side. However, you have to be careful when it comes to choosing which barrier is best. Cats are agile creatures that jump with ease, meaning some gates are easier for cats to hop than others. Some cats just cannot be stopped with a gate or similar barrier, meaning you will have to try some of the other options that we’ll list below. 

keep cat out of room

Train Your Cat To Stay Out Of The Room

If your cat is quick to catch on to tricks and demands, you may be able to train your cat to stay outside of the off limits room. You can train your cat to stay out of a room by using distraction methods, using motion sensors that trigger when your cat comes near the door until they learn to avoid the area, or even using a spray bottle of water until your cat learns to stay clear of the door. 

Make The Room Undesirable

Some cat owners choose to make an off limits room as undesirable as possible in order to keep their feline friend away. Thankfully, some of the things that make a room unpleasant for cats are not unpleasant for us. Cats tend to stay out of rooms that have music playing, have incense burning, have citrus smells in the room, and any other sound or smell that your cat doesn’t seem to enjoy. Just be sure to make sure that your incense or scents of choice are not toxic to cats. 

Enrich The Other Rooms In The House

Sometimes our cats just need to think that other places in your home are more exciting than the off limits room. Our cats are often tied to a room because it has something appealing in it, so making the other rooms in your house just as appealing will help your cat pull away from the room you are trying to block off. Try to offer your cat plenty of cozy beds around your house, give them cat trees that allow them to hide away, and offer them plenty of toys and entertainment to keep them busy. Once they love other rooms in your house they will be less likely to enter the forbidden territory. 

Use Cat Repellent

Thankfully there are options of cat repellent for those persistent felines that just can’t stay away from your off limits room. These cat repellents work by releasing an off putting smell to your cat in effort to deter them from an area. You can often spray these repellents around the door, plug them into a nearby plug, or even have an automated repellent that is triggered by motion. 

keep cat out of room

Be Patient

The most important tool to keep in hand is patience. Just like any other learned trick, staying away from a certain area will take your cat time to understand. Try your best to be patient with your furry friend while they adjust to the new rules. 


No matter why you need to keep your favorite furry friend out of a room, it’s important to find a method that works. Be sure to review some of the tips we’ve listed above and your room will be cat free in no time!

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