Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Head?

Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Head?>

Updated on June 8,2020

Does your cat always run up to their favorite spot on your pillow once you wind down to sleep each night? Though it’s a sweet gesture on your cat’s part, it may make you wonder why exactly they find comfort in sleeping on your head.

cat sleeping 

In this article we’ll cover the details behind why your cat sleeps on your head at night, and ways to deter this behavior if you’d like to keep your pill to yourself!

Understanding Cat Affection

Cats can show their affection toward their owners in many ways. Though it’s a bit more obvious when our canine pals love us, cats can be a bit more tricky. A cat’s love can be noted in many odd ways. This may include sleeping on your head at night, simple little chirps when you walk in the door, and making biscuits in your lap when you sit on the couch. Though cat affectionate can be hard to read, it does not mean their love is any less!

So why does your cat sleep on your head?

Now that you understand that cats can show their affection for us in many different ways, let’s dive into the possible reasons as to why your cat prefers to sleep on your head at night. 

It’s Just A Cozy Spot

It’s very possible that the spot by your head is just exceptionally cozy. Plush pillows make for a cloud of comfort along with the security of knowing they are sleeping next to their favorite person. Your cat may just love the little nook that is the space by your head, and may just prefer to sleep there rather than anywhere else. 

cat sleeping

It’s Comforting For Them

Your cat may be sleeping so close to your head due to the comfort they find when they are near you. Similar to a child that wants to sleep with their parents at night, your cat may just feel safe when they are snuggled up next to you. This habit is especially true of young kittens that are new to your home, or those of cats that are going through stressful situations. You may be your cat’s sense of security and comfort and by sleeping on your head, they feel safe. 

They Are Displaying Dominance

Sometimes our cats can love us so much that they want to make it clear that we belong to them and only them! Cats can be extremely territorial with people and objects that they care for, and this possessiveness can be displayed in odd ways. Believe it or not, some cats use the behavior of sitting on top of us or sleeping on top of us as a way to mark us as theirs. It’s possible that your cat’s sleeping choices can point to a dominance behavior. 

They Want To Know Your Whereabouts

Sometimes our cats want to be close to us in order to stay on top of our movements at all times. Sleeping on top of us can be a way to ensure that each time you wake up throughout the night, they will be aware and at your side if you choose to get up. This is especially true if you have a nosy cat that always seems to follow you around the house. 

They Are Insecure or Anxious

Some cats are nervous by nature and prefer to stay close to their human at all times. A nervous cat may find comfort in knowing that you are right by their side, especially during a vulnerable time such as sleeping. Animals view their nap times as a time that they are vulnerable to possible predators around them, causing a nervous or anxious animal to have a hard time relaxing. Sleeping on your head may be a source of comfort for your nervous cat, and may be one of the ways that they relax as they are falling asleep. 

cat sleeping

They Are Cold

Some cats just want to use us for our warmth! The spot next to our head can be extremely warm and cozy, causing our cats to run to this spot each night before bed. If it seems like your cat is always trying to be at your side and snuggle up in blankets, they may just be seeking warmth when they sleep on your head. 

Finding A Solution If It Bothers You

Even if it is a form of love coming from our feline friends, it can still make it challenging to sleep comfortably at night. Though our cats may be sleeping peacefully by our side, a cat on your head can make it difficult to sleep well or find a cozy spot for yourself. If you are trying to encourage your cat to sleep in a different spot at night, here are a few tips to stop the behavior:

  • Give your cat a cozy spot to themselves in your room. This can be a cat tree, a cat bed, or any other spot they can call their own. 
  • Play with them before bed in order to help them tire out. The more tired they are, the easier it will be to put them to sleep in another spot and have them actually remain in that spot.
  • Put a warm blanket in your cat’s bed or any other spot they seem to enjoy. This can encourage them to snuggle up there instead. 
  • Shut your door at night to prevent them from coming into your home. Be sure to offer them a cozy spot to sleep outside of your room if you do this. 
  • Try to create a comfortable spot at the foot of your bed. This way your cat can still sleep near you, but will not disturb your sleep. 


Some cats love to be at their owners' side, and this can translate into where they choose to sleep at night. Now that you understand the possible reasons as to why your cat sleeps on your head, you can begin to encourage them to seek other cozy spots in your home!

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