Where to put the litter box in a small apartment?

Where to put the litter box in a small apartment?

Updated on May 13

Finding a spot for your cat’s litter box can be tough, especially if you are living in a small apartment. Though living with our cats in a tiny space is certainly achievable, it can pose a challenge if you have minimal options for a litter box hiding spot. 

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In this article we’ll give you some helpful tips on where to put a litter box in a small apartment, and we’ll cover some litter box rules as well!


Litter Box Rules

There are a few rules that you will need to follow when you are searching for the perfect litter box spot. Small apartment or not, our cat’s can be particular when it comes to the arrangement of their litter box in our home. These rules include:

  • Be sure to place their litter box away from their food. Cats do not like to eat or drink near their litter box, so this may lead to them having accidents in other parts of your home. 
  • There should always be one litter box per cat. If you have more than one furry friend in your home, you’ll need to accommodate each one. 
  • Try your best to put their litter box in an area with low foot traffic. They may not want to use their litter box if it’s in a chaotic area.
  • Try your best to choose a quiet spot for your cat’s litter box. For example, a spot next to a loud washing machine or dryer may frighten your cat. 
  • Make sure that your litter box is the correct size for your cat. Their litter box should be 1 ½ times the length of your cat from nose to tail. A litter box that is too small may lead to your cat having accidents around the box. 
  • Make sure that your cat’s litter box is filled with enough litter. Cats need to dig and bury once they are in their litter box, so any less may cause them to deter from their box. 
  • Start with an open litter box if you are just introducing your cat to the box. Covered litter boxes are for skilled litter box users, and may deter a nervous kitten from using it. 

So where can you put a litter box in an apartment?

Now that you understand the basic litter box rules for your cat, let’s dive into where you can put a litter box in a small apartment!

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In The Bathroom Next To The Toilet

Putting your cat’s litter box in the bathroom is a great way to keep their box out of your main living space. This also gives you the opportunity to shut the door and hopefully prevent any litter box odors from making their way into your main living area. Putting your cat’s litter box next to the toilet can also allow you to hide their box so it’s not the first thing you see once you step into the bathroom. 

In A Bathroom Closet

If you have a linen closet or a small closet in your bathroom, this can be the perfect spot for your cat’s litter box. This can give you a bit more space in your bathroom, and also offers your cat a bit of privacy to hide away when they need to go. You can always keep your towels in a different area if you are afraid of litter box odors that may cling to your towels. 

Remove A Cabinet Door

This is a wonderful option for cat owners that are skilled in home repair. If you are confident with removing cabinets in a way that will not damage anything, you can remove a cabinet door and make it into a litter box nook. Removing a cabinet door will give your cat plenty of privacy, and will not take up any extra space in your bathroom. Just be sure to save each of the screws you remove so you can put the cabinet back on when it’s time to move out. 

In A Closet

No matter how small your apartment may be, there are usually a few closet options. Any of these closets can be used for a litter box space as long as you are able to keep the door cracked open for your cat to enter. If your closet is carpeted and you are afraid of litter getting into your carpet, you can always place a rubber mat underneath your cat’s litter box that is easily cleaned. 

A Secluded Corner/Space

Everyone’s apartment is different, and some may have little nooks and corners that would be perfect for a litter box. You can even get creative and place their litter box behind a piece of furniture, underneath a table, or any other object that may give your cat a bit of privacy. Take a look around your apartment and see if you have any corners or spaces that could allow for a litter box. 

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How To Prevent A Stinky Litter Box

The biggest concern with having a litter box in a small apartment is dealing with odor. In order to help you have an odor free apartment, let’s dive into a few tips to help you eliminate any smells!

  • Make sure to do quick clean ups of the litter box each day, such as scooping urine and stool.
  • Change the entire litter box every 3 days to keep the litter smelling fresh.
  • As long as your cat is not sensitive to any scents, you can use scented litter.
  • Be sure to use litter that has added baking soda. 
  • Install wall plug-ins around your home to help eliminate any odor from the litter box.
  • Try your best to clean up after your cat once you see them step out of the litter box. If there is nothing lingering in the box, then there can be no odor.
  • Thoroughly wash their litter box twice a month using soap and water
  • Ventilate your home or their litter box area whenever possible. Free flowing air will always lead to a fresher scent in your home. 


Having a small apartment does not take away from your ability to find the best litter box spot. Make sure to review the tips we’ve listed above, and your cat will have the perfect litter box area in your home!

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