Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

Updated on June 7,2020


Does your cat act like your shadow throughout the house? Does it seem like no matter where you go, your cat is always close behind? Well, you’re not alone! Cats are becoming more and more affectionate and social, causing some cats to cling to our hip at any given chance. 

cat following you

In this article we’ll dive into why your cat follows you everywhere, and how to better understand your needy feline!

I thought cats were independent?

We’ve always been told that cats are independent creatures that would rather do life on their own. Since this is an idea that has been ingrained into our minds, it can be a bit surprising to have a cat that wants to be by your side at all times. We’re here to let you know that every cat is different when it comes to their social behaviors, and that cats are starting to become more and more affectionate as time goes by. 

While cats can certainly have their grumpy moments, most cats do love their people and will prefer to be in your presence. So what does it mean when your cat is at your side at all times?

So why does your cat follow you everywhere?

Now that we know cats are loving companions that love to be in the company of their favorite humans, let’s dive into a few reasons why some cats follow their owners everywhere. 

Are they new to your home?

Is your cat adjusting to life in your home? Whether you just adopted your cat or just made a move to a new home, your cat may be following you around to seek comfort. Adjusting to new surroundings can be extremely stressful for a cat, and they may be looking to you due to their lack of confidence in their new space. If their clinginess is truly due to being in a new home, this behavior may fade as time goes on and they become more comfortable in your home. 

Are they still young?

Clinginess is a kitten-like behavior, so young cats can certainly struggle with the need to follow their owners everywhere. Kittens are more likely to rely on their humans for love and attention, causing them to try their best to keep us in their sight at all times. If your cat is still in their kitten phase or was brought into your life as a young kitten, this can certainly be a behavior that was learned due to being so reliant on you for a period of time. Some cats will grow out of this as they age, while others will hold on to this habit throughout their lives. 

cat following you

They Are Curious

Some cats are simply nosy and want to know what we’re up to at all times! Similar to a nosy neighbor that’s always keeping an eye on the neighborhood, your furry friend may want to keep an eye on your movements due to being curious. Does it seem like your cat is always lurking close by no matter where you go? You may just have a curious cat on your hands!

They Are Bored

Though it may be hard to believe, we are our cat’s main source of entertainment. When we bring our cats into our homes, it becomes our duty to keep them entertained and mentally stimulated. Similar to children, our cats will look to us to cure their boredom and offer them methods of entertainment. If you think your cat is always following you due to boredom, it may be time to introduce some new toys and stimulus into your home. 

They Have Separation Anxiety

Some cats need to be in the presence of their owners much more than others. Similar to the understanding that dogs can experience serious separation anxiety, cats can too! Whether their separation anxiety is due to a sudden change in environment, their owner being away from home, or any other change in their life, cats can struggle with being alone. If you think your cat is following you around due to having issues with separation anxiety, it may be time to assess any stressors in your home or talk to your vet about ways to make them more comfortable. 

cat following you

They Want Our Attention & Affection

Sometimes our cats act like our shadow just because they love us and want our attention. We often form close bonds with the animals in our home, causing them to look up to us as their “parent” figure. When you love someone and look up to them, you want to be around them as often as you can! This is the same for our furry friends, and may just be their way of showing us how much they care for us. 

Should you be worried?

Overall, your cat’s desire to be near you shouldn’t be any cause of concern. However, it’s always important to keep note of any drastic changes in your pet’s behavior. If your once independent cat soon begins to follow you around the house and refuses to leave your side, they may be trying to tell you something. Be sure to assess your life and home more any major changes and be in contact with your cat if you fear that something is not right. 


Our once independent cats are beginning to love the company of humans more and more as time goes by. Now that you understand why your cat may be following you around the house, you can begin to appreciate your cat’s neediness a bit more!

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