Why Does My Cat Meow When I Sneeze?

Why Does My Cat Meow When I Sneeze?

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Have you ever sneezed next to your cat, only to have them respond with a concerned meow? Our cat’s have endearing behaviors that can make us wonder, “what are they thinking?” The way they react to some of our actions are adorable, and can have many possible reasons as to why they do the things they do. 

cat meow when sneezing

In this article we’ll discuss the possible reasons as to why your cat meows when you sneeze, and what they could possibly be thinking during this behavior!


So why do cats meow when we sneeze?

There are a list of possible reasons as to why our feline friends meow or react when we sneeze. Whether they are trying to say bless you, they are making sure you are okay, or are just simply confused as to what you are doing; the exact cause can range! 

Continue on to discover our theories!

The Possible Reasons

Since we haven’t figured out how to talk to our cats just yet, we still don’t know the exact reasons behind some of their behaviors. In order to help you better understand your furry friend and why they meow when you sneeze, let’s dive into a few possible reasons!

We Startled Them

It’s very possible that our cat’s sudden meow after we sneeze is due to us catching them off guard. Sneezing is often a loud and unanticipated noise that breaks the previous silence, often startling our furry friends. Especially with anxious or nervous cats, our sudden sneezes can cause them to jump, meow, or even run away. Think of their meow as their own version of talking or screaming after being startled. 

They’re Saying Bless You

It’s very possible that our cats are simply responding to a sneeze the way we would if someone around us sneezed. Since our cats can’t actually say the words bless you, they may just be telling us with their meow! While this certainly could just be humans projecting our feelings onto our animals, you can’t rule out the possibility. 

cat meows when sneezing

They Want To Make Sure You’re Okay

It’s possible that a cat’s meow after your round of sneezing is just a check into your well being! No matter how grumpy our cats can be at times, there’s no doubt that they love us. Due to this, our cats may just be asking us if we are okay, especially after a particularly aggressive round of sneezing. 

Maybe They Are Mimicking Our Behavior

Cats are intelligent enough to pick up certain commands and routines. Due to this, it’s very possible that our cats are simply mimicking the standard behaviors after a sneeze. We know that anyone around us will typically say “bless you” after a sneeze, so your cat may have picked up the standard vocal response after a sneeze. 

They Are Just Communicating

Do you have a particularly chatty cat? Some cats are known to talk back to their owners each time they are spoken to, so your cat may misinterpret your sneezes for standard communication. It’s very possible that your cat is simply saying “hello” each time you sneeze. 

They Are Asking You To Be Quiet

Since we know that our cats can be annoyed by our sudden sneezes, it’s possible that they are asking us to please be quiet. Our sneezes are known to disturb naps or other peaceful moments, so it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think that our cats are asking us to please keep it down. 

What about other reactions?

So what if your cat does something other than meowing at your sneezes? Let’s dive into some other reactions that cat owners have noted!

cat meows when sneezing

Running Away

Some cats completely lose it when their owner’s sneeze and take off running across the room. Since the sudden noise of a sneeze can startle our furry friends, this may be enough to make an anxious cat take off in search of safety. While a sneeze is not a threat to their well-being, nervous cats may certainly think so!

Hissing Or Aggression

Some cats have been known to hiss or swipe at their owners when they sneeze. This could be a reaction to being startled by your sneeze, a reaction to being agitated by the sudden noise, or could be due to mistaking your sneeze as a hiss. 

Annoyance or Agitation

Some cats become extremely annoyed when their owners sneeze around them. Some cats are known to pull their ears back, walk away, or even become aggressive during our sneeze attacks. Sneezes can definitely startle our resting cats, so it makes perfect sense as to why this may annoy them. 


Some cats have been known to crawl into their owners lap as if they are concerned about their owners after a sneeze attack. Our cats can be just as attached to us as we are to them, so it’s no wonder some cats may become concerned if they fear that something is wrong with their favorite human. 

No Reaction At All

Some cats couldn't care less when their owners sneeze. Some cats may be immune to your sneezes in the home, especially if you are sneezing often. Try not to think that they don’t care about you, they are just simply unbothered! Some cats are not startled as easily as others. 


Our favorite felines are peculiar creatures that may react to our sneezes in unexpected ways. If your cat seems to meow after each sneeze in their presence, be sure to review some of the possible reasons to understand your furry friend a bit more!

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