Why does your cat
sleep with you?

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Cats do love to be cuddled, hugged, and basically, they want your attention.

That is what often happened when I am already lying on my bed to sleep. Sure we do love our cat to be around when we get home so we can also check its condition and verify its health.

These questions always popped up in my mind when I notice something odd about my cat: Why does my cat sleep on my feet? Or why does my cat always lay on me? But the most intriguing one is why does my cat sleep on my head? There are so many possible reasons for this cat's behavior, according to cat experts.


What type of animals do cats belong to?

kitchen should be safe for a cat

Cats are mammals (like people) because they have all the traits and characteristics of a mammal. Cats are warm blooded creatures just like any other mammals, meaning, they must maintain their body temperature to keep them more comfortable. During cold weather, you will probably notice that cats always stay indoors.

In the morning, when the sun rises, you will also notice that cats like to play or lay where there is sunlight. Cats' body temperature range anywhere from 100.5 to 102.5F (38-39.16C) while humans normally have a body temperature of 98.6F (37C).

5 Reasons why my cat sleeps besides me

1. My cat like the smell of my hair

According to Veterinarian Dr. Matheys from the Cat Doctor Veterinary Hospital and Hotel in Idaho, cats sleep on their owners head because of the possibility that they like the smell of their owners' hair.

Especially women cat owners who used certain products on their hair. These hair products may induce fancy feeling for cats which sometimes may like the feel of the hair (sometimes the cat lick their owners' hair). The scent also gives cats a sense of comfort, too.

2. My cat wants to be warmth

Cats sleeping on their owners' head are a pretty common occurrence, according to Dr. Matheys. She said that cats do this for warmth. People mostly lose body heat through the head and cats feel this that is why they wrap around your head to keep them warm.

3. My cat adores me!

Since I am out most of the day, arriving late at night, my cat is always by my side until I get to bed. Experts agreed that this might be because cats often missed their owners and they would show this by accompanying them to bed as a sign of affection.

4. Cat wants comfort and security

When your cat sleeps with you, it merely wants to be safe and secure. Cats do not only crave for comfort and warmth, they are seeking a safer place where predators and other animals are sure not to hurt him.The cat assumes that he is totally safe when his master is with him.

5. He likes my pillow

Recently, I just found out that my cat loves my pillow! And this is confirmed by Dr. Matheys on one of her video presentation on YouTube. I learned also that, like humans, cats do like the warmth and softness of a pillow.

Some unsolicited advice for cat lovers

orange sleeping cat

If you want your cat to sleep, not on your side, try giving him something warm and something to hug. Like the Hughapy Brown Cute Sleeping Cat Shaped Bedroom Area Rug, Tabby Cat carpet, 33.5 X 18-Inch (from Hughapy). This product is currently available on Amazon.

Or if your cat wants a decorative cat pillow in dark color, try the Manual Cat Shaped Pillow, 11 X 16-Inch (from Manual Woodworker), also available on Amazon. This one is best for kitten longing for her mother.

Cats are emotional creatures and they just want company and warmth. They also want something to admire and play with. That is why we, as cat owners must understand the way they want to be treated.

I just glad I have known why my cat sleep with me, and you know what? I just treated him with a Hughapy rug, we now both sleep as sweet as we can be. Check this one out on Amazon, your cat might just give you a good night sleep, too!

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