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Why does your cat
sleep with you?

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Most domesticated cats love to be cuddled, held, and hugged and shown affection to by your owners or anyone they feel comfortable and connected to.


Having animals that are affectionate are not only healthy for the cat, but for the owners too! Some health benefits to owners for having animals for companionship include:


  •  a decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • a decrease loneliness and feeling of isolation
  • an increase in activity
  • an increase in socialization

So it is very clear why humans love animals and seek their affection, but why do cats crave our attention and want to be close to us? There are so many possible reasons for this behavior, according to cat experts.

What exactly are cats?

kitchen should be safe for a cat

Cats are small carnivorous mammals. They belong to this classification because they share many of the same traits are other mammals. Some traits include being endothermic meaning they generate their own heat internally like other mammals. A cat's body temperature ranges anywhere from 100.5 to 102.5F (38-39.16C) while humans normally have a body temperature of 98.6F (37C). They also give birth to live young in contrast to laying eggs. Also, cats feed their young milk as a source of nutrition. This, among many more traits and characteristics, classify cats as mammalians.

Since cats share a lot of the same characteristics as humans, it makes sense that they would share the trait of affection. Read further for specific reasons your cat wants your attention and finds comfort in your presence.

5 reasons why your cat may sleep with you

1. Your cat likes your overall smell

If you have a special bond with your pet cat, it is highly likely that they find a liking to your natural smell. Certain perfumes, hair products, detergents etc. that you use become accustom to your pets. In other words, if your cat smells a certain aroma they will associate that smell with you. If your cat finds comfort in being with you then these smells will also start to bring your cat comfort.

This is why your cat may snuggle in your hair, previously warn clothes or your bed.

2. Your cat wants to be warmth

It is very common for your cat to sleep on your head where you loose a lot of your body heat. Cats often like to be as close to their owners as possible. This is because, like mammals, they find comfort in being warm.

3. Your cat adores you

The most obvious reason your cat sleeps and wants to be with you is because they adore you. If you are gone most of the day, your pet misses you. So, when you get home it makes sense they would spend most of their time with you.

4. Your cat wants comfort and security

When your cat sleeps with you, it is because they associate you with comfort and safety. Cats do not only crave comfort and warmth, they seek a safe place where predators and other animals will not to hurt him. This is a predisposition all animals, including humans, have.

5. Your cat likes your bedding

Have you found that your cat prefers your bedding instead of the nice, expensive bed you bought for them? This is because they associate your bedding with you and like you have read previously they find comfort in anything to do with your human. They may also find your bedding more comfortable and warm.

Some unsolicited advice for cat lovers

orange sleeping cat

If you want your cat to sleep, not on your side, try giving him something warm and something to hug. Like the Hughapy Brown Cute Sleeping Cat Shaped Bedroom Area Rug, Tabby Cat carpet, 33.5 X 18-Inch (from Hughapy). This product is currently available on Amazon.

Or if your cat wants a decorative cat pillow in dark color, try the Manual Cat Shaped Pillow, 11 X 16-Inch (from Manual Woodworker), also available on Amazon. This one is best for kitten longing for her mother.

Cats are emotional creatures and they just want company and warmth. They also want something to admire and play with. That is why we, as cat owners must understand the way they want to be treated.

I just glad I have known why my cat sleep with me, and you know what? I just treated him with a Hughapy rug, we now both sleep as sweet as we can be. Check this one out on Amazon, your cat might just give you a good night sleep, too!

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