Can Cats Eat Bacon? Bacon: Nutritional Information

Can cats eat bacon?

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This article will answer the question "can cats eat bacon?" along with facts that you need to know about this matter. Read throughout this post and learn what you can give to your feline, including bacon. The answer to the question is right here!


For the majority, bacon is considered to be the greatest food of all time - right from its smell to its taste and its crunch! Though it seems to be a perfect food for humans, on the other hand, can cats eat bacon? If you plan to share such great food with your beloved cat, know if it fits their appetite too.

Bacon Overview

Bacon is one of the most popular meats, and it comes from the belly of the pig and usually cured with salt. Relatively, it is low cost meat, versatile and easy to make.

bacon strips

It could be made in the microwave and on the stovetop as well. It could be eaten whole as a strip or could be crumbled as a topping.

But, most people would put the bacon on sandwiches or utilize the meat strips as a side during breakfast.



Can Cats Eat Bacon?

Well, cats can eat bacon, but it should be frequent and only in minimal amounts. Humans might not want to eat bacon daily, and so the cats too. It is not right for the cats to eat bacon almost every day. Bacon is considered to be appropriate only to signify a particular celebration or a treat acknowledging an improvement or good deed.

Rest assured, bacon is safe and enjoyable for the cats. You might also use this as a cat food to ease the process of administering medication down the kitty's throat. You just need to make sure that the pork has been adequately cooked since parasites might be possible to improperly cooked bacon.

Same as humans, taking too much of bacon is considered to be unhealthy. And so, it isn't healthy for the cats also. It contains a lot of fats which could easily clog the blood vessels of our dear cats.

Also, the sodium levels in bacon are a bit high, so consider only a slice of this food for the cat.

How About Raw Bacon?

older cat eating

Another instance could be the idea of giving your cat raw bacon. Well, raw bacon might be appropriate if it has not been cured.

You should know the fact that raw meat can be dangerous for cats. There is a need to take precaution by feeding the cat with fresh meat and making sure that all the equipment used once handling the meat is clean such as the knife, cutting board and the feeding bowl too.

Or, if you are too cautious, why not consult a veterinarian prior to feeding the feline friend on raw bacon or other raw meat.

Bacon: Nutritional Information

fried bacon

For cats, bacon is a more appealing treat since they are obligate carnivores biologically. The bodies have been modified to meet all the nutritional needs by feeding on meat.

And because of the history of feeding on their prey, the bodies of cats barely produce most of the chemicals that are needed to digest carbs. Amylase is the chemical responsible for digesting these carbs.

Cats don't have the ability to digest carbs that's why they could barely feel the tastes of sweet foods like ice cream, candy, honey or cake.

Also, bacon is considered as meat that consists of proteins and fat. It has no carb constituent, so there is no probability that it would lead to stomach problems. In fact, it is better than other dairy foods because most cats aren't tolerance to lactose.

And with all the said pleasantries, bacon is considered not to be suitable for kitty. It offers protein content that is approximately 3 grams in each slice. And the reason why it isn't fit is that it contains high salt content as well as unhealthy fats that aren't appropriate for the growth of the cat.

The used oil in frying the bacon also contributes to the harmful fat that is a health hazard to the kitty. Cats might be at risk of being obese or overweight once into consuming too many fats.

Obesity in Cats

Apart from the answer to the question can cats eat bacon, you should also learn about some cases related to the matter. Since there are more numbers of cats that are becoming homebound, and there are many treats available too, obesity is a real issue.

cat laying on floor

Once the cats fed first, they will not bother you as you eat and you shouldn't be surprised that they would continue taking any food, such as Soulistic cat food, from you which you have not eaten yet.

So, this might be harmful that after eating kibble, they are already full, they might sleep and thus the lowering of the metabolism would aid the conversion of sugars and fats directly to body fat. In most case, less is more regarding feeding the kitties, and they are not shy regarding letting you know once they are in need of a little more food.


Cats can eat bacon, however, it is great to serve it as a small as well as occasional treat and might be best if you will not make it a habit.

A healthier option for them could be a couple of thin strips of the unsalted ham.

Bear in mind that cats are carnivore that appreciates most meat products. So, it will not be harmful to feed them with a piece of bacon at least once a while. And feeding the kitty on preserved meat is not suitable since salt is utilized in protecting bacon.

Kitties are known to be small animals, and so large quantities of salt couldn't be tolerated by the bodies. So, cats should have bacon in a very regulated and controlled manner and must avoid some of the foods that aren't intended for cats.

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