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Young Again Cat Food

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Just like human beings, the cat needs proper nutrition as well to avoid getting sick and maintain a healthy body. Ensuring their optimum health is essential towards achieving a more meaningful relationship with them. And, one better way is through giving them a highly nutritious cat or kitten food

Yes, we are talking about Young Again pet food! What makes it unique from other pet foods and how do you suppose to choose the right product in spite of the growing lists in the market?


About Young Again Pet Food

Young Again was established in 1987 with a former name Pretty Bird International, Inc. Their first products were introduced way back in 1990. Over the years, it has advanced to manufacturing pet foods for ferrets, cats, and dogs.

Young Again was recognized as the first pet food company to introduce a 50% meat based protein cat food and gluten-free food. In line with Soulistic cat food, Young Again is a high-quality, high protein food; no plant proteins, grains, glutens, or unnecessary carbohydrates/starch. This gives pet owners a complete peace of mind that their felines will live happier, healthier, and even longer.

What sets Young Again apart from other pet foods?

The list varies!

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Superior ingredients - uses only the premium, species appropriate, and gluten-free ingredients to offer proper nutrition among cats.

Proprietary ingredients - help to keep the immune system of your pet to function at a better performance. Also, these ingredients prove to be extremely beneficial in keeping the physical attributes and optimum well-being of your pet.

Quality and safety guaranteed - done by working an in-house laboratory and testing the products on their own pets. An independent lab is also utilized to analyze the products in a constant manner. This is to make sure their composition will be well-maintained, besides being free from salmonella. Moreover, Young Again's toxicology laboratory screens for toxins.

Uses innovative technology - owns and runs their own twin-screw extruders for total quality control. Doing so will allow the company to provide buyers with the premium quality finished products that are well-manufactured and well-formulated.

How to Choose the Right Young Again Cat Food?

Make certain to consider these essential factors before making a final acquisition.

1. Life Stages

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The nutritional needs of a cat are different from that of kittens.

Hence, it is crucial to check the life stages description when reading the pet food label.

If you read 'balanced and complete for all stages of life', then is completely safe for your kitten or adult cat. A life stage description 'adult maintenance' is solely for adult cats, while the 'growth and reproduction' description is for a kitten.

Usually, kitten food consists of a higher amount of minerals, vitamins, proteins, and fats. A higher nutrient amount helps with a healthy weight and proper growth.

2. Ingredients

Reading through the ingredients is also a good move when shopping for Young Again cat food.

  • Protein is one of the best ingredients, including turkey, chicken, and tuna.
  • Grains are a great source of carbs which is essential for providing cats with the energy they need. Though, a low carb diet is specifically recommended when aiming for a high protein. Mainly because some still contain other carbs and may cause allergens in the cat.
  • Check also the meat content of the cat food. Ensure it has enough amount of meat content. 

With high-quality ingredients, you are allowing your feline to live healthier and longer.

3. Palatability

Consider the flavor as well. All the Young Again pet foods have a quality taste, though you still need to choose a particular product that your cat would love to eat until the last bowl. This way, you won't find it difficult driving him to eat on time and in a healthy manner.

4. Special Diets 

Especially as cats grow older, urinary tract infections and kidney are likely to occur. Some cat foods address such issues and even other related health problems.

There is even Young Aging cat food diarrhea to help cats achieve maximum health condition. Age, dry skin, hairball, and excess weight are among the issues that the pet food targets.

5. Budget

The good news is that Young Again cat foods are available at a competitive price range. So, you can find a product suited to your cat's diet needs as well as your budget.

Reviews of the Young Again Cat Food

Young Again 50/22 Premium High Protein Dry Cat Food - Best Product for Nutritional Content and Health Benefits

If you want to ensure the overall health of your feline, the Young Again 50/22 Premium High Protein Dry Cat Food should be considered.

It uses pure meat, tasty, and provides several health benefits for the cats. It has a highly digestible protein and low carb diet. So, the water intake in your cat is maximized.

It maintains healthy urinary tract and weight. However, the number of flavors is limited.

Young Again Zero Premium High Protein - Best Product for Treating Diabetes

Diabetes is a common issue among adult cats, and you can help treat it with Young Again Zero Premium High Protein.

Quality ingredients include herring meal, chicken meal, and hydrolyzed pork. Also, it is worth noting that this cat food doesn't list either bulk-adding fillers or by-products in its main ingredients.

Although, some cats may suffer from allergen due to the fish oil and herring meal contained within it.

Young Again Zero Mature Health - Best Product for All Mature Cats and Breeding Males

The Young Again Zero Mature Health is intended explicitly for breeding males and mature cats that are no longer developing bone.

It is used for feeding cats that cannot tolerate too much amount of starch levels. This cat food can help your cat in numerous ways, including keeping their urinary tract and healthiest weight, reducing iodine level and phosphorus, minimizing levels of magnesium and calcium, and making them healthier.

Some cats might find it inappropriate for their diet, though, because of the fish oil it contains.

Young Again 50/22 Li'l Bites - Best Product for Targeting Health Issues and Life Stages

Great for both kittens and adult cats, the Young Again 50/22 Li'l Bites helps build lean muscle as well as maintain a healthy urinary tract and weight.

Definitely, one of the best Young Again cat food Amazon products. It significantly has less fiber, carbohydrates, and moisture as well as more fat and protein.

This cat food, however, has guar gum which causes some issues among cat's health.

Young Again LID Zero Mature Health - Best Product for Very Small Kittens

If you have a new kitten and want to ensure it is getting enough nutrients, the Young Again LID Zero Mature Health is such a good option.

It has the most abundant ingredient, with hydrolyzed pork as the main ingredient.

Not by-products or bulk-adding fillers. Helps build lean muscles and maintain healthy well-being. Allergen among cats may likely occur because of the fish oil contained.

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