Can Cats Have Greek Yogurt? It?s Time to Know It Here!

Can cats have
Greek yogurt?

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If you want to learn the answer to the question "can cats have Greek yogurt" then you have to read throughout this post. Continue reading and learn more!

Are you familiar with the idea that cats are lactose intolerant?  Well, this one is true. Kittens are considered to have the ability to digest lactose and feed off the mother's milk for about 8 to 10 weeks. However, as they get older and they no longer need milk, they would stop producing the enzyme which helps them to digest lactose. So, it's not advisable that you give them milk or other dairy products. How about yogurt? Can cats have Greek yogurt since it is considered as a dairy product?

Let's find out!


But is Greek yogurt free of lactose? 

Greek yogurt has less lactose compared to regular yogurt. However, unless it is not specifically stated as lactose-free, it is actually not.

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The said kind of yogurt goes through several straining processes that removes a lot of whey as well as the lactose to get the creamy and unique taste. In fact, it typically has at about half the lactose content of the regular content.

So, is yogurt good for cats?

Of course, yogurts are healthy and tasty foods for humans, but this might not be the same as cats. There are some minerals and vitamins found in yogurts that are also beneficial for cats. Calcium, potassium, and calcium are all good for cats in small amounts.

These are the minerals that are found as well as balanced out in the normal foods, like the popular Beyond Cat Food, but it is not necessary to boost them from yogurt. It is the good bacteria along with the living cultures that are found in the yogurt that offer the most benefits to the cats for a balanced diet.

With that, can cats have Greek yogurt?

There is actually nothing wrong with feeding the cat even with a little Greek yogurt the same with feeding them a small amount of bacon. As the cat enjoys it, it would be a nice treat for them. Nevertheless, you should stick to the plain, unflavored Greek yogurts. And also, give them small amounts occasionally.

It would be completely safe once rendered in small amounts and even a good idea once you give them if they have constipation. You only need to be cautious as you give them a Greek yogurt. Once they have an upset stomach or once they show an ill-effect then you can assume that they are allergic to this kind of yogurt.

Greek yogurt goes through many straining processes that remove the lactose and the whey to get the unique and creamy taste that you and the cat might surely love.

How about flavored yogurts?

As said earlier, it is best to consider plain and unflavored yogurt particularly when it comes to Greek yogurt. Some of the popular flavors of yogurt include the vanilla and strawberry wherein they could taste like real vanilla and strawberries.

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However, the reality is, there are likely loads of different additives and flavorings to provide the flavor. Anyway, in some cases, cats are more interested in plain yogurt. It is also advised that you keep flavored yogurts out of reach by those sweet-toothed kitties.

Simply said, there are more cons than pros for the cats once they eat flavored yogurts. Nevertheless, honey yogurt could be a different story. Since cats must not eat honey, just like they aren't advised to eat chickpeas, they should not eat yogurt with honey as well.

Yogurt for Constipation and Diarrhea

How about considering yogurt for cats with constipation and diarrhea? Well, giving a cat with some yogurt in order to relieve the symptoms has been considered as a home remedy. Why? Yogurt has probiotics which help in relieving the symptoms of diarrhea together with stomach cramps, gas as well as other painful issues for the cat.

Also, if the cat is constipated, yogurt could help soften the stool and relieving the pain. Some other dairy products to consider are whipped cream, sour cream, and milk. You might as well give them with olive oil as another option.

And there are other health benefits that your cat could reap out of consuming yogurt, but only in a small amount.

Final Thoughts 

So, can cats have Greek yogurt? The answer is yes, but only in moderation. And there are certain things to take note once into giving them such a dairy product.

Giving them a small treat could mean a great thing for them too. So, there is nothing wrong with giving them Greek yogurt, only that you need to be cautious enough. If you are a cat owner, you should always bear in mind that giving only the best for your cat is indeed important.

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