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Why is your cat vomiting
white foam?

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Cats do suffer vomiting from time to time. But is this normal?

Sometimes cats are throwing up white foam, or they vomit bile, or a yellowish tinge. But the most common question is: why your cat vomiting white foam? Surely, all cat owners will experience these different kinds of vomiting that cats undergo during their lifetime.

Experts agreed that vomiting is not a normal sight for cats, contrary to popular beliefs. Vomiting is an indication of something unusual happening "deeper" inside your cat's internal organs/ digestive system and it deserves some investigation.

By "investigating", we could give the best start-up for your exploration. With this article, you will be able to pinpoint the cause/s of your cat's unusual behavior so you will know why your cat always vomits, and other reasons why your cat keeps throwing up even if she looks "perfectly fit".


5 Leading Reasons Why Cats Throw Up

According to veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker (member of the American Veterinary Medical Association), here are some of the specific reasons why cats vomit:

1. Diet

older cat eating

Your cat may be eating rendered diet that is low in quality. "Rendered" diet refers to protein in your cat's food that is not approved for human consumption. This food may likely to contain slaughterhouse leftovers, like an animal beak, hooves, animal skin, feathers, and other hard to digest animal parts.

Some cats (mostly kittens) developed food allergies and one of the most known reasons for intermittent vomiting. If you see your cat acting fine, playful, has a healthy weight and high energy level, and does not seem sick, but intermittently vomits, you may pinpoint to food allergy as the culprit. You may opt to stop the food she is eating and replace it with another brand.

For a more secure food diet, try the Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food (from Meow Mix) or the Purina ONE Indoor Advantage Adult Premium Cat Food (from Purina One), these foods are certainly the best alternatives for your current cat food.

2. Deficiency in enzymes

In kittens, pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) is very common. Cats' pancreas does not produce enough amylase, lipase, and protease (types of enzymes) that sometimes cause a chronic case of pancreatitis. These enzymes help your cat to easily digest the food it takes.

You may want to supplement your cat's diet with digestive enzymes to enable her pancreas to secrete an adequate amount of enzymes. A really great supplement is the Dr. Mercola Digestive Enzymes For Pets - Dietary Supplement For Cats & Dogs. This leading brand contains 5 enzymes that almost all vets across the United States prescribed, fortunately, it is available readily from Amazon.

3. Milk and other treats

Kitten with almond milk

Beware of what you give to your cat as treat or even milk. Most cats suffer gastrointestinal inflammation when they drink milk, not from their own species. Also, while cat owners give their pet high-protein and good quality food, they supply their kitties with trashy treats.

Avoid this trashy treats because they may contain propylene glycol, ethoxyquin, emulsifiers, chemical dye, and other substances not conducive to your cat's digestive system.

4. Timing of meals

If your cat is used to eat two times a day (say, at 6 AM and 8 PM), and all of a sudden you forgot to feed her at 6 AM, there is a probability that your cat may throw up white foam. Prior to eating, cats' stomach releases gastric juices, hydrochloric acid, and bile. These enzymes are needed to digest her meal.

An hour after your cat do not have food to eat, the acid may irritate her tummy. Consequently, the cat may throw up to get rid her body of the acid that has built up in her stomach, and stop irritation.

5. Gobble eating

Cats' esophagus is horizontal, unlike other mammals that are vertical, this condition is called quadruped. Eating too fast will make your cat throw up because it could digest food slower than other animals. This is one of the most common reasons why cats vomit.

Cats gobble up, especially when there are too many of them eating simultaneously in one room. It is better to separate each cat in a close room to discourage gobbling.

To keep your cats busy while you are away and prevent them from swallowing things that are not appropriate for them, give them toys that they can play on. Like this assorted toys from Amazon: Fashion's Talk Cat toys Variety Pack for Kitty 20 pieces.

So, you have known now that vomiting is not normal for cats. There is really a deeper meaning on why your cat always vomits. As you have also known, feeding your cat with really healthy food and supplements rich in enzymes are just one of the secrets in keeping your cat away from unnecessary vomiting. And don't forget, feed your cat on time.

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