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Finding the best flea shampoo for our dear cats could be a bit challenging task. With that, this guide aims to help you with regards to the factors that should be considered along with some facts about cat fleas and the product itself too.

Also, options to choose from are available. So, continue reading this post and learn more!



Are you having a problem with your cat having fleas?

Once felines suffer from ticks and fleas, you shouldn't wait for the problem to get worse. Make sure to find the best flea shampoo to address the issue. And you will surely find one from vast options out there!

What is flea shampoo?

Ever wondered what a cat flea shampoo is? Well, it is referred as a special medicated shampoo which could safely clean the coat of your pet at the same time killing fleas and preventing them from coming back again and again.

Cat enjoying a hot bath and shower

If you are able to buy a quality kind flea shampoo, there will be an assurance of killing the adult fleas which are causing the discomfort of our dear pets. Nevertheless, you will continuously shampoo the pet all throughout the year in order to make sure that it is still useful.

As much as possible, it is crucial that you treat the infested areas the soonest you notice the problem to stop the life cycle of the flea. This flea shampoo could be used the same with a regular one, beginning from the head and behind the ears down to the tail.

To kill the pesky insects, let it remain in the hair coat for about five minutes. It could typically be used together with topical spot treatment or a flea collar for better results.

How to Use Cat Flea Shampoo?

Of course, before you use any product, reading the instructions carefully is needed. Some shampoos could be used as is while others might need a homemade solution wherein you could dilute the soap with water before application.

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The cat flea shampoos could be used once into a regular bath and might not require any gloves at all. With the use of warm water, you need to rinse the cat gently up until they are entirely wet. Put the shampoo on the hands and lather the cat while avoiding some sensitive regions such as the head and around the eyes too.

And most flea shampoos would need to be left on the cat for about five minutes to get maximum result, yet most products vary. Rinse the cat with the use of warm water and use the brush or even your fingers to remove those dead fleas.

Cat Flea Shampoo vs. Other Shampoos

So, what could be the difference between a cat flea shampoo and some other shampoos out there? Well, to answer that question, take note of the following:

First, when it comes to ingredients, the main one in a cat shampoo is the pyrethrin which is a non-toxic chemical.

On the other hand, dog shampoo contains permethrin which is a toxic substance. Therefore, you should check the list of ingredients carefully to make sure that you buy the right product for your cat.

Also, the shampoos that are used by humans might be used only for a certain amount of maximum results. Thus, on the part of the cat, you couldn't accurately estimate the amount needed. There is a need for the product to explain the required amount for the treatment.

Some areas might be prone to fleas or some other insects such as mosquitoes and ticks, so it is advised that you buy a bottle of shampoo which repels the other pests from the fur of your cat.

Benefits of Cat Flea Shampoo

There really are great benefits out of using cat flea shampoos, and these are the following:

1. Cat flea shampoo prevents flea diseases

Flea infection could cause diseases to cats based on various factors. If you repel or kill them, cats will stay free from any conditions. It also prevents house infestation.

Through treating or preventing any fleas, there is an assurance that these insects will not get into your home. Fleas at home might cause infections and irritations and might also lead to extra inconveniences and costs once getting rid of them.

2. Cat flea shampoos reduce flea infection on the skin

bathing a catShampoos are intended to kill or prevent fleas, while there are others that could soothe the skin of the cat after an infestation.

Those soothing shampoos are useful to itchy and sensitive skin from fleas. If you want to reap these benefits, then make sure to find the best flea shampoo.

Signs of Cat Fleas

And some of the symptoms you might notice if cats are infested with fleas are as follow:

Intense Coat Biting or Scratching

This is considered as one of the most common signs of flea infestation. Once your cats suddenly begin scratching their various body parts and keep on chewing on the skin up until it breaks. You have to check for fleas.

Bumps, Scabbing and Skin Lesions

Too much grooming along with intense and persistent itchiness could lead to skin bumps, painful skin lesions and scabbing.

Once not treated immediately, skin lesions might lead to full-blown skin infection. Don't try using penicillin to deal with these issues instead use flea shampoo.

Excessive Grooming

As said earlier, excessive grooming is another sign. Grooming is natural but if the cats groom too the point wherein they begin to develop bald spots, this is a sign that flea treatments are needed.

Pepper-Like Specks on Fur

Carefully observe the fur of the cats and check if there are black or brown colored specks. These are known to be the flea droppings or flea dirt. They are found on the neck and the rump area. If these signs are present to your cat, maybe its time to buy the best flea shampoo for cats now!

Reviews of the Best Cat Flea Shampoo

Filthy Friends Organic Pet Shampoo

For an organic and safe pet shampoo, this one sits on top. Plus, this shampoo is suitable both for dogs and cats.

Aside from killing the fleas naturally, this shampoo could help in removing dander and dirt at the same time will slow down the shredding process. This is an efficient choice for many households along with multiple pets which do not want to smell or look like a house with many pets.

A bottle of this shampoo offers a pump which could be useful while trying to bathe a cat which is hard to control. If you want to treat fleas naturally, you might also try organic flea sprays. Though this product has a playful name, this is advised by most vets as an organic and healthy choice. Once not satisfied, you are granted with a money-back guarantee.

Fifi and Fido Natural Pet Shampoo

For a hundred percent natural flea shampoo, this one fits your choice. And it is designed not just for cats but for dogs too. The aloe vera and oatmeal help in soothing the damaged skin of the pet as it kills the fleas.

Also, it is entirely safe from soap, and it has no preservatives too. It will moisturize the skin of your cat at the same time will give a fresh and clean scent. This will restore the natural oil of the cat to aid in combating the irritation which occurs with flea bites.

Since Fifi and Fido is a company in the USA, the products are guaranteed to be EPA and FDA approved. There is an assurance of complete customer satisfaction with their money back feature.

Pet Pleasant Pet Shampoo

Being made in the USA, this flea shampoo is anti-bacterial and it will reduce the odors caused by bacteria. It provides an all natural therapeutic approach to prevent the cat from flea problem.

It is one hundred percent safe to be regularly used, and it comes with full money back guarantee as well. It soothes and moisturizes the damaged skin of the cat treating not just the cause as well as the symptoms of fleas. And it also leaves a clean and fresh scent on the fur of the cat.

Wondercide Natural Flea & Tick Shampoo Bar

This fourth product could repel and kill fleas naturally. Since it is a bar shampoo, it affords a more luxurious lather compared to other shampoos that not only kill the fleas but aids in soothing the itching as well as scratching that is related to flea bites.

This one is made with Neem oil which is an extract known because of its antifungal properties and naturally antibacterial. It is eco-friendly, and it has no plastic waste and is made of organic geranium and citronella which are two natural flea repellents. And even humans could use this soap.

Vet's Best No-Rinse Clean Waterless Cat Shampoo

This flea shampoo is known to be all-natural and is made with a unique blend of a clove of essential oils and peppermint that are herbs which help in killing fleas and their eggs. sIt comes in spray form so there will be no mess as you bathe your cat.

Directly spray the solution on the body of the cat, especially to areas with thicker fur. It is also made of safe ingredients, and you shouldn't worry about synthetic chemicals that might harm your pets or any allergic reactions at all.

Final Verdict

So which one is the best flea shampoo from among the products above? In my opinion, I would recommend the use of Filthy Friends Organic Pet Shampoo.

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