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Do you want to get a cute small cat but not sure which breed you should choose? Keep reading and learn more about the top 7 small cat breeds.


According to historical records, cats domesticated approximately 9,500 years ago in Mesopotamia. And these days, there are over a hundred breeds of these domestic cats that could be identified through their appearance, eating habits, body language, vocalization and more.

And out of these breeds, the most uncommon and unique ones are those that are categorized as small. These classifications of cat breeds will be tackled below. You might be too amazed at the sizes of these cats, that even though you try to fatten them, they will still remain little ones.

Top 7 Small Cat Breeds That You Need to Know

Norwegian, Siberian and persian cat in a row

There are indeed wide numbers of small cat breeds, but, we have rounded up these options to only the top seven picks by the majority. And these are the following:

1. Singapura

This is the one on top of the small cat breeds not just on this list but the world as well. Why is this so? Well, many of them don't even reach weight more than two kilograms. Nevertheless, the typical weight you could see is from five to eight pounds

  • Weight: 5-8 pounds.
  • Big eyes
  • Tail is short

Singapura cats weigh almost like a newborn baby. And though they are small, they still have a muscular body. Also, they are very energetic, and they also love leaping, and they remain to be playful though in their adulthood years.

Also, their big eyes and ears are their most noticeable features. They have a thick and short neck. The tail is short having a black trip. They also have a short coat with a tabby pattern. With regards to personality, this small cat breed is an active and curious one. They would love playing with toys and could get along with some other cats well.

2. German Rex

Next on this list is the German Rex, a small to medium cat along with a unique look. As these breeds reached maturity, they will weigh at about six to eight pounds. However, the body is a bit muscular. They also have this rounded face together with open, large ears giving them such an attractive look. The legs are slender and long, and their tail is medium.

There are also a variety of colors when it comes to their beautiful coat such as seal, frost, platinum, cinnamon, red, cream and white. With regards to their personality, this cat is very affectionate, friendly and loyal. They are also very playful and would need a lot of space. And these cats could get along with children too.

3. Munchkin

Having short and little legs is the most distinguishing feature of these breeds. And this is due to its mutation. Aside from that, this breed is a small to medium one having a maximum weight of 9 pounds. Munchkins have a broad head, medium-sized ears, and high cheekbones. You will also love those beautiful walnut-shaped eyes of these cats.

You can find them in both long-haired and short-haired varieties. The beautiful coat of this cat also comes in different patterns and colors. Though they have short legs, they are still so agile. Munchkins love playing with toys and could get along with other cats and children.

4. Cornish Rex

This next breed is also a small cat having a beautiful and short coat. The body of these cats are slim, yet they are muscled. They weigh no more than nine pounds. You will be amazed at its large wide-open ears and an egg-shaped head. And both the legs and tail are long.

Cornish Rex cats are also brilliant, smart and family-oriented. They could quickly learn tricks, and they love playing toys. Besides, they would also show kitten-like nature though they are in their old ages.

In fact, they have a habit of having a dog-like personality too.

5. Devon Rex

Fifth on the list is the Devon Rex, known to be a fantastic and small family cat having a unique look. And this little cat breed is referred as alien or pixie-ish due to their large eyes and ears. Concerning about its physical characteristics, this one has a slim body that will not weigh more than ten pounds. And the deep and large eyes are as well striking, along with long legs and high cheekbones.

Devon Rex has a soft and wavy coat that comes in various combinations and colors. They could also be of great companion knowing that they are intelligent, entertaining and active. These cats easily learn certain tricks from the owner and would love to participate in different activities.

6. American Curl

Do you like a stunning cat with a unique backward curl ears? If yes, this American Curl cat is a wonderful choice. Though considered to be a small one, this cat is well-muscled. The fully-grown American Curl cat could weigh in between 7 to 10 pounds.

These cats also have silky and smooth coat which comes in either long or no undercoat at all. The colors of the coat might include golden, lilac, chocolate, red, black, blue and white. Finally, you would love this cat due to being lovable, playful and family-oriented.

7. Siamese

These breeds have a quite long and tubular body. However, they are lightweight. They would usually weigh about or even less than five kilograms having only a lithe frame. The muscular body also tolerates long lines and a wedge-shaped head.

Want some rare features about them? Well, only look at their eyes and ears. In fact, you will never see a cat of this breed without being fascinated by the deep and vivid almond eyes. The ears are large and wide at its base, and the pointed tip also makes the round head support the triangular ears.

And this cat also has a short but very soft to touch coat.


These are the top 7 small cat breeds that you should know, especially if you want a cute and little cat as your pet. Bear in mind as well that feeding them with the best canned cat food is also necessary to maintain their health. And proper grooming is as well needed by these cats.

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