How Tall is a Cat? Know The Height of Your Feline

How tall is a cat?

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If you want to know how tall is a cat, read throughout this article. Along with that, you'll learn more about the height of your feline and its growth cycle.


Are you familiar with how tall is your cat? Or do you even have any idea about the height of your feline? Well, how tall is a cat? The question seems to be a broad one knowing that there are numbers of factors which might affect the growth, the height specifically of the cat.

Growth is considered as a phenomenon that could be assessed quantitatively through measuring the weight of the cat, and so the height will also be affected. And you should as well know the difference between the length and height of the cat. Take note of this: how long is a cat differs from how tall is a cat. And of course, you should also remember that cat?s height differs once they are sitting or standing.

So, what could be the average height and length of the cat?

  • Well, without including the tail, the average length of the cat is 46 cm. And it is said that the tail of the cat might measure up to 30 cm.
  • On the other hand, the average height of the cat is from 23 to 25 cm.

Cat Overview

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First, let us have a quick overview of cats. Often referred to as a domestic cat, it is a small and typically carnivorous and furry mammal. Also, it is called a house cat once kept as an indoor pet or once in the wild called as a federal domestic cat.

Cats are also similar regarding anatomy to the other felids, having a strong, flexible body, sharp teeth, quick reflexes, and retractable claws. And there are more than seventy breeds of cats that are recognized by different cat registries. So with that, differences in height might as well be observed.

Factors to Consider

Nevertheless, there are certain factors of a genetic nature, and these could include the following:

  • Breed: Those newborns of the large-sized or taller races are considered to be heavier as well as taller than others.
  • Gender: Males could sometimes be a bit heavier or taller than females between 6 and 12 months of age. The growth is possibly higher but could take place a few weeks later.
  • Individual Genetic Factors: The mix of those paternal genotypes and maternal genotypes leads in the formation of the unique individual that present variations in the bone and muscle development. It also includes a growth rate.
  • Mother's Weight: If the mother is larger, heavier and taller, she will be a better wet nurse, and so there could be a higher growth rate for the kittens,
  • Hormonal Factors. And after birth, the growth might be driven by certain numbers of hormones being synthesized by the kitten.

Nevertheless, there are certain factors of a genetic nature, and these could include the following:

Environment Quality

The same with other environmental factors, calm and hygiene would condition growth. The poor hygiene will weaken the mother as well as the kittens. Stress would affect sucking and so will disturb the hormonal balance.

Diet of the Mother 

Female cats should be at the best weight before breeding. And so, those female cats that are poorly fed might run this jeopardy of giving birth to those underweight kittens. Right from the start of gestation, this female cat must receive health nutrition having a high fat and energy content.

This health nutrition meets the nutritional requirements because of the concentration of essential elements including high energy, qualitatively and quantitatively high protein intake, reinforcement of vitamin and calcium intakes. The said food might accompany the suckling period once the nutritional requirements increase considerably.


Indeed, there might be variations whether how tall is a cat since different factors are affecting it and the breed of the cat is considered as one of the most significant factors.

As discussed, and as a pet owner, you shouldn't ignore the growth of your cat particularly regarding its health since it also affects the height of the cat.

Since the given answer is considered to be the average height of the cat, and you might want to reassure the exact height of your cat, measuring it by yourself can be considered. You might not have a hard time on how to measure a cat's height since it is indeed an easy task to do.




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