Why Is My Cat So Needy?

Why is my cat so needy?

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Cats get a bad reputation for being too independent and wanting to spend more time on their own than their canine friends. Though some cats do appreciate their space, there are many feline companions that want to be at their owner’s side at all times. So why are some cats more needy than others?

In this article we’ll dive into why your needy cat wants so much attention, and how you can help them find comfort!

needy cat article


So why would a cat be needy?

There are many reasons as to why your cat seems to be craving your attention at all times. In order to help you pinpoint the reason behind your cat’s behavior, let’s ask a few questions to see if this relates to your needy cat. 

Are they getting used to your home?

Is your cat new to your home? Whether you just moved into a new house or just adopted your cat, settling into a new environment can be stressful. Even the most secure felines may feel a bit uneasy as they adjust to a new surrounding, so this can cause a cat to be a bit more needy than usual. 

If your cat is being extra needy during the first few weeks in their new space, try your best to be patient and offer them the support they are looking for. They will settle in soon!

Are they bored?

A bored cat will look for extra attention at any chance they get. If a cat is lacking enough mental stimulation in their day to day lives, they may act out with needy behavior. If you are away from home often, are lacking toys or play options for your cat, or feel like your cat may be lonely, your furry friend’s neediness may be a result of boredom. 

Try your best to shorten your time away from home, invest in toys or puzzles that can keep your cat entertained, or maybe even consider adding another feline companion to your home!

needy cat article

Is your cat anxious or insecure?

Some cats have more baggage than others. Whether your cat is a rescue with an uncertain past or is just a bit rough around the edges, this may lead to your cat wanting to be by your side at all times. Our furry friends can really struggle with anxiety, and this may lead them to needy behaviors as they try to seek comfort. 

There are a few ways that you can help your feline BFF if you feel like their neediness is anxiety related. Consider finding any possible causes of stress in your home, invest in a cat tree or hideaway that gives them a place of comfort, consider installing anxiety relief plug-ins that release pheromones, and even consider speaking with your vet for their recommendations. 

Do they need more exercise?

Your needy cat may just have some pent up energy that they need to release with extra play time. A rambunctious cat that is lacking enough exercise may appear to be extremely needy, when they really just need someone to set aside some extra time dedicated to playing. If your cat seems to need your attention at all times and you fear they may have pent up energy, there are a few changes you can make!

Consider setting aside 15-20 minutes of play time each day, invest in interactive toys and puzzles that can keep your cat’s attention, and even consider adding another furry friend to your family. 

needy cat article

Are they feeling okay?

While a needy cat is usually dealing with a behavioral or environmental cause, there is a small chance that their neediness is due to a medical concern. Some cats are known to cling to their owners when they are not feeling well, causing owners to believe that their cat is simply needy. 

If your cat is suddenly needy or experiencing any other changes in their daily habits or behavior, it’s best to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible to rule out any medical causes. 


How To Help A Needy Cat

There are a list of ways that you can help your needy cat find comfort in your home. Some of the best ways to help your favorite feline friend include:

  • Make sure they are getting enough daily exercise
  • Set aside 15-20 minutes of one on one play time
  • Try to limit your time away from home as much as possible
  • Set aside quality time each day to cuddle, brush, or pet your cat
  • Address any possible causes of anxiety or fear in your home
  • Invest in interactive toys to keep your cat busy
  • Give them an area in your home for comfort, such as a cat tree or hideaway
  • Invest in pheromone plug-ins if you think their neediness is due to anxiety
  • Consider adding another cat to your family
  • Contact your veterinarian if they are experiencing any other changes in behavior

Should you be worried?

A needy cat is not necessarily something to be worried about. While their behavior can certainly cause some concern at times, their needy behavior will likely resolve with a few changes to your home and daily routine going forward. 

However, if your cat is experiencing sudden clinginess or any other abrupt change in their behavior, it’s best to contact your veterinarian to be safe. Some cats will change their behavior if they are not feeling well, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Understanding the possible reasons behind your cat’s needy behavior will help you bring them the comfort they seek. Make sure to review the possible reasons we’ve listed above, and you’ll be on the way to helping your needy cat find peace!

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